New Elden Ring Character Reveal Shows off Armor Set We Really Hope Is Obtainable

Continuing their recent trend of actually showing off parts of the game pre-release, FromSoft has dropped another reveal today. This time, it’s of an as-of-yet unseen character (unless they were hiding in that recent story trailer and we missed it), rocking a sweet sword and matching cloak/armor combo.

full size png of new elden ring character reveal
That helmet looks familiar…

The level of detail on the armor is impressive, with every inch of the helmet, gauntlets, and chest piece covered with intricate embossing. The helmet is reminiscent of the Faraam Set, although it’s unclear if it was meant as a specific callback, or if FromSoft simply likes this style of helm. The character outfit’s has a ton of gold highlights, which could hint at the character’s alignment with the Golden Order. Again though, perhaps Fromsoft just thinks it looks cool.

faraam set promo art dark souls 2
Promo art from Dark Souls 2, featuring the Faraam Set

It’s hard to say from the image if the character is male or female, though they certainly appear to at least be human. Berserk’s always been an influence on FromSoft, and the manga’s influence shows up yet again with the revealed character’s design. Fans have pointed out already that it bears some resemblance to Griffith — light hair, delicate features, blue eyes, and resplendent armor and weaponry.

In most games, a character with this design would obviously be one of the good guys, but FromSoft likes to subvert expectations, so we’re not ready to call it one way or the other. Do you think this character will be friend, for, or something else? Let us know in the comments!

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