Elden Ring Battle Scars Infographic Reveals Player Death Stats, Boss Attempts, & More

FromSoftware, together with their publishers over at Bandai Namco Entertainment, released Elden Ring just over a year ago. And while the recent announcement of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC was already a great way to celebrate the first anniversary since the game’s release, we’re now also treated to a neat “Battle Scars” infographic documenting our collective journey through the Lands Between.

Check it out:

elden ring battle scars infographic

Perhaps the first jaw-dropping revelation here is the fact that in just a year, over 9 billion Tarnished lost their lives on their quest to become Elden Lords. The biggest and rather nice 69% chunk of these deaths can be attributed to the enemies and NPCs the game throws at you. And despite the addition of a dedicated jump button, the dreaded gravity boss still managed to claim 14% of total deaths.

Now, your immediate reaction to seeing Malenia, or as some say Blade of Miquella, occupying the number one spot among the game’s deadliest bosses is likely to be a complete lack of surprise. However, once you consider how tricky it is to even learn that this particular adversary exists, not to mention getting to her, these 329 million deaths become that much more impressive. An honorary shoutout should also go out to the humble Tree Sentinel whose routine patrol of Limgrave claimed over 277 million Tarnished lives, resulting in the third deadliest spot on the leaderboards. An achievement reminiscent of that first Goomba you meet in Super Mario Bros.

Another notable statistic is that 88% of the game’s summoned players were engaging in jolly cooperation as opposed to any sort of adversarial activity. And in that spirit, are there any stats that jump out to you, our readers?

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