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Sword of St. Trina

Game: Elden Ring

Silver sword carried by clerics of St. Trina. Inflicts sleep ailment upon foes. St. Trina is an enigmatic figure. Some say she is a comely young girl, others are sure he is a boy. The only certainty is that their appearance was as sudden as their disappearance.
Weapon Skill: Mists of Slumber
Attack Type: – Standard – Pierce
Weight: 3
attack power icon eldenring Attack Power: Physical 107 Magic 32 Critical 100
attributes scaling icon eldenring Attribute Scaling: Strength D Dexterity D Intelligence E
attributes required icon eldenring Attributes Required: Strength 10 Dexterity 12 Intelligence 14
guarded damage negation icon eldenring Guarded Damage Negation: 39/33/27/27/27/28

Where to Find the Sword of St. Trina

You can find it in a chest in the Forsaken Ruins, in Caelid. You will need 1x Stonesword Key to gain access to the area with the chest.

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