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Horn Bow

Game: Elden Ring

Longbow made from animal horn. Wielded by the master hunters of the ancestral followers. Imbues arrows fired with magic damage. Reveals its true worth when used with magic-infused arrows.
Weapon Skill: Mighty Shot
Attack Type: None
Range: 50
Weight: 4.5
attack power icon eldenring Attack Power: Physical 65 Magic 30 Critical 100
attributes scaling icon eldenring Attribute Scaling: Strength E Dexterity D
attributes required icon eldenring Attributes Required: Strength 10 Dexterity 14 Intelligence 12
guarded damage negation icon eldenring Guarded Damage Negation: 0/0/0/0/0/0

Where to Find the Horn Bow

You can find the Horn Bow in the Siofra Riven dungeon, east-southeast of the Siofra River Bank site of grace.

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