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Great Grave Glovewort

Game: Elden Ring

Strengthen ashes to +10
Upgrade Materials

Sell Price: rune v2 elden ring currency500
Maximum Held: 999

White flower that blooms in catacombs. An especially large specimen. Strengthens ashes to +10. Since times of old, large gloveworts were used to comfort heroic spirits. Given in tribute to those who died the most glorious of deaths, in the hope their stories would become legend.

Where to Find Great Grave Glovewort

There are a number of Great Grave Gloveworts that can be found in the Lands Between.

One can be found inside Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, in the area after the Elphael Inner Wall site of grace. The glovewort is in a small pool of rot and is protected by an Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

great grave glovewort location elphael and haligtree elden ring

The first Great Grave Glovewort in Farum Azula is found in building just northwest of the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths site of grace. From the site of grace, go northwest through the doorway, then go west to the ledge on the exterior of the building. On the ledge, go northwest to the roof and jump up onto it. Continue northwest up the roof, and at the peak turn right (northeast) and jump back into the building. The glovewort is on the far wall on the northeastern side of the room.

great grave glovewort location crumbling farum azula elden ring

The second one can be found after reaching the Dragon Temple site of grace. From the Dragon Temple site of grace, walk west-southwest to the edge of the platform, and look down over the edge – there’s a staircase down there that you can jump to. Get yourself lined up, then back up, get a running start, and leap the gap. Go up the stairs and take the second right, and continue up the stairs. Then go to the southwestern side of the balcony and jump down onto the column below, and continue forward and up the ladder to find the glovewort.

great grave glovewort 2 crumbling farum azula elden ring
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