Elden Ring Patch 1.10.1 – It’s Not About the DLC

Elden Ring just released its long-awaited, massive Patch 1.10.1 today. This patch has an extensive change log, giving players just what they have been clamoring for since the announcement of Shadow of the Erdtree 10 months ago. Normally, we’d summarize, but we are just so excited that we will do it right away. The change list for Elden Ring Patch 1.10.1 is as follows:

  • Easy Anti-Cheat update to support the Steam OS update.

Oh, well that’s… Necessary. I’m not going to lie, we were expecting a little bit more, but… I suppose this is fine. Gotta keep that Easy Anti-Cheat up to date, after all… Ahem… So, Elden Ring, no information about the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC? Even despite our Loving Plea? I mean, take your time, that’s fine. We’ll wait. This is fine. Very good, in fact. I don’t mean to suggest you aren’t doing enough, Elden Ring.

I’ll just say that we hope to hear more from you soon. Great update, keep up the good work.

This is getting to be worse than Silksong…

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