Elden Ring Patch 1.10 – Balance Adjustments and Bug Fixes

A new update to Elden Ring, Patch 1.10, released today, bringing with it some quite significant changes to balance across the board. Rather than balancing individual weapons, Patch 1.10 rebalances general mechanics such as poise damage, critical hits, and damage reduction. Most of these balance changes are specific to PvP, and seem aimed at making a deadlier, tighter experience, though a few balance changes are general and will impact regular PvE play as well. In addition, Patch 1.10 also introduces some bugfixes for some situational bugs.

Here is the complete list of changes made in Elden Ring Patch 1.10:

The adjustments in this section do not affect single-player or cooperative play.

  • Increased poise damage of all weapons and some spells and incantations.
  • Increased poise when attacking with some skills, spells, incantations and some types of weapon attacks that generates poise.
  • Added damage reduction when performing attacks with some skills, spells and incantations and some types of weapon attacks that generates poise.
  • Critical hit angles have been extended.
  • Decreased the invulnerability window of the Quick Step and Hound’s Step skills.
  • Decreased the damage reduction granted by some skills, incantations and items.
  • Increased critical hit damage.
  • Decreased recovery time after a missed critical hit.
  • Increased poise damage of attacks that occur after missing a critical hit.
  • Adjusted the player damage animation so that the attack direction is not unintentionally shifted when getting hit while attacking with some types of weapons that generates poise.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some spells and incantations from causing damage while under the effect of some skills and items.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the effects of the Sacred Order skill to continue after switching weapons.
  • Corrected some text in certain languages.

So, some interesting changes. While Patch 1.10 hasn’t added and features or major additions to the game, it will have a huge effect on gameplay, especially in PvP. Depending on how large the adjustments are, this could drastically change the shape of PvP in Elden Ring, and even single-player gameplay might be altered significantly (in the player’s favor). While it might not be the largest update to Elden Ring, this one is sure to shake things up. It’ll be interesting to see how this shifts various strategies throughout the game.

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