How to Beat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Most of this boss’s attacks transition into more attacks, and there won’t be much room for you to punish him. Luckily, his attacks are mostly slow, wide swings, and he doesn’t have a lot of health.

Note that if you followed Blaidd’s questline (see our Limgrave guide) you can summon him before the battle begins, and it becomes incredibly easy. Just dodge or block the boss’ attacks, then use heavy attacks whenever he’s recovering from a combo — he should be guardbroken fairly quickly, during which time you can inflict a lot of extra damage with no chance of retaliation.

If you’re playing melee, attacking during one of his swings will usually lead to you getting hit yourself. What you can do instead is dodge through his attacks by sticking close to the boss, and wait for a slam to come at the end of his attack chains. The boss is slightly slower to recover after slams, and you will have time to get a hit or two in. The most important thing here will be to remain patient, as you may not have much time to heal up.

Playing a ranged character is more difficult here, as you will rarely have the time to throw spells without the boss closing the distance and punishing you for it.

Luckily, Blaidd will consistently grab Darriwil’s attention, which will allow you to sling a few spells before he’s able to counterattack. Avoid a few of his hits until Blaidd grabs his attention again, and repeat until the boss dies.

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