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White Reed Armor

Game: Elden Ring

Stomach band of a land of reeds veteran warrior

Slot: Body

Weight: 8.3

damage negation icon eldenring Damage Negation:

Physical 9.5 Strike 10.2 Slash 11.4 Pierce 8.8

Magic 10.9 Fire 10.9 Lightning 11.9 Holy 10.2

resistance icon eldenring Resistance:

Immunity 67 Robustness 42 Focus 55 Vitality 50 Poise 8

Where to Find the White Reed Armor

Found in the Spiritcaller Cave, in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Note that the entrance to the cave is accessed via the lake, on the low ground, and not from the plateau above.

spiritcaller cave location mountaintops of the giants elden ring
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