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Remembrance of the Grafted

Game: Elden Ring

Take the power of its namesake via Finger Reader

Sell Price: rune v2 elden ring currency20000
Maximum Held: 99

Remembrance of Godrick, the Grafted, hewn into the Erdtree. The power of its namesake can be unlocked by the Finger Reader. Alternatively, it can be used to gain a great bounty of runes. A feeble man sought power through the grotesque act of grafting. “One day we’ll return together, to our home, bathed in rays of gold.”

Received Power: Axe of Godrick, Grafted Dragon

Where to Find the Remembrance of the Grafted

You get the Remembrance of the Grafted as a reward for defeating Godrick the Grafted, in the Stormveil Castle legacy dungeon.

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