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Marika’s Soreseal

Game: Elden Ring

Raises Mind, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane by 5, but increases damage taken by 15%.

This legendary talisman is an eye engraved with an Elden Rune, said to be the seal of Queen Marika. Greatly raises mind, intelligence, faith, and arcane, but also increases damage taken by a similar measure. Solemn duty weighs upon the one beholden; not unlike a gnawing curse from which there is no deliverance.

Where to Find Marika’s Soreseal

Found in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. You’ll need to make your way from the ramparts down to the street below — the soreseal is beyond a stonesword imp statue fog door found at the southern end of the street. See walkthrough for details.

marikas soreseal location elphael elden ring
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