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Howl of Shabriri

Game: Elden Ring

Shrieks, building up madness in nearby foes
Spell Category:
Slots Used: 1
FP Cost (Initial • Held): 21 – 32
Stamina Cost: 38
attack power icon eldenring Attack Power: – Physical 22 – Stamina 20
attributes required icon eldenring Attributes Required: Faith 33

Incantation originating from the maddening Three Fingers. Releases a maddening shriek that causes madness buildup in foes nearby. This incantation also causes madness buildup in the caster and makes enemies more likely to target them. It is said that the sickness of the flame of frenzy began with Shabriri, the most reviled man in all history.

Where to Find the Howl of Shabriri Incantation

Found in northeastern Liurnia of the Lakes, in a chest midway up the the Frenzy-Flaming Tower. See eastern section of Liurnia walkthrough for details on acquiring.

frezy flaming tower location elden ring liurnia
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