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Flame of the Fell God

Game: Elden Ring

Summons raging fireball that explodes and sets the area ablaze
Spell Category:
Slots Used: 2
FP Cost (Initial • Held): 50 – 30
Stamina Cost: 42
attributes required icon eldenring Attributes Required: Faith 41

This legendary incantation is one of several that draws directly from the power of the Fire Giants. Releases a ball of raging fire said to be inhabited by a fell god. The fireball floats toward enemies and explodes, setting the area ablaze. Arghanthy, the chief guardian of the Flame, had kept this incantation a well-kept secret until it was stolen by Adan. The fell god still lurks within the Fire Giants.

Where to Find the Flame of the Fell God Incantation

Reward for defeating Adan, Thief of Fire in Liurnia of the Lakes — see Central Liurnia section of walkthrough for details.

malefactors evergaol liurnia elden ring
This evegaol is accessible from the Liurnia Lake Shore site of grace — head northwest along the cliff to find a Spiritspring jump
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