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Black Bow

Game: Elden Ring

Longbow carved from black wood to resemble a blade. One of the most difficult bows to master. The blade-like body of the bow is light and cuts through the air. Though a longbow, it can be wielded similarly to a shortbow.
Weapon Skill: Barrage
Attack Type: None
Range: 50
Weight: 4
attack power icon eldenring Attack Power: Physical 70 Critical 100
attributes scaling icon eldenring Attribute Scaling: Strength E Dexterity D
attributes required icon eldenring Attributes Required: Strength 9 Dexterity 20
guarded damage negation icon eldenring Guarded Damage Negation: 0/0/0/0/0/0

Where to Find the Black Bow

Found on a rooftop in Leyndell, Royal Capital — see Part 2 of our Leyndell walkthrough for details on acquiring.

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