Weight: 41.6
damage negation icon eldenring Damage Negation:
Physical 38.3 Strike 35.7 Slash 41 Pierce 40.2
Magic 28.2 Fire 30 Lightning 27.9 Holy 29.3
resistance icon eldenring Resistance:
Immunity 135 Robustness 215 Focus 100 Vitality 91 Poise 60

Drops from Recusant Bernahl, who invades you in Crumbling Farum Azula after you’ve defeated Rykard and finished completing Volcano Manor. To reach the invasion spot, go up onto the bridge above the Beside the Divine Bridge site of grace and head north, then continue to the balcony and head down the ladder to reach the bridge where Bernahl invades.

bernahl invasion location crumbling farum azula elden ring
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