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Ash of War: Storm Assault

Game: Elden Ring

This Ash of War grants an armament the Quality affinity and the following skill: “Storm Assault: One of the skills that channel the tempests of Stormveil. Leap forward through surrounding storm winds and thrust armament downward. The attack will produce more storm winds at the point of impact.” Usable on polearms capable of thrusting, heavy thrusting swords, and twinblades.

Where to Find the Ash of War: Storm Assault

Drops from a loot beetle found on the cliffs accessible from Stormveil Castle. Go to the Tower Ramparts site of grace, leave via the northern doorway, and find the platform on the left after going down the stairs — the drop is on the northern edge of the platform. There’s a number of drops you’ll have to take, and then look southeast and you’ll see the loot beetle.

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