[Leak] Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree World Premiere Trailer Coming in June

Someone on 4chan has leaked what appears to be a legitimate teaser trailer for a full Shadow of the Erdtree reveal, to be shown at the Summer Games Fest on June 8th, 12PM PT. The leak has been hosted on Imgur as well, with the following (unverified) information:

  • Expansion/DLC is as big as the main game map and introduces 16 new NPC quests.
  • 6 New Weapon Types being added
  • 4 New Legacy Dungeons
  • 98 New Unique Enemy Types
  • Will be sold separetely, both digitally and in disc format. Requires main game to play.

A Deluxe, Collector’s, Premium Edition will be sold;

  • Deluxe Edition comes with a map of the Outer Lands and a steelbook.
  • Collector’s Edition comes with a Statue of Miquella on top of of Torrent.
  • Premium Edition comes with a decorated Haligtree which you can match with -Malenia’s helmet in case you own it.
  • Expansion is acessed at Ordina Liturgical Town.
  • Bosses will be mostly harder than in the main game, Miquella the Unalloyed will have three phases.

The idea that the expansion will be the same size as the main game map-wise is hard to believe, but the trailer certainly looks real; as with any leak, it’s best to take it all with a grain of salt. However, the DLC getting a proper trailer at SGF is well within the realm of possibility, and given how high quality the leaked trailer appears, we’re giving this leak a solid “maybe” in terms of veracity. June 8th isn’t very far away, so the accuracy of this leak should become clear soon enough.

Both sources were shared on Reddit, and are still up as of time of writing.

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