Boc the Seamster

Game: Elden Ring

An NPC that can provide you with free alterations, and whose quest has an important lesson on the importance of giving up on your dreams.

Though Boc’s quest has no meaningful rewards, and his benefit of free alterations is minor (given how cheap it is to alter armor yourself), it is narratively interesting.

How to Complete Boc the Seamster’s Quest

Just Northwest of the Murkwater Bridge in Limgrave, near the Site of Grace where most players first meet Melina, you can find Boc disguised as a small bush. Rolling into him will break his illusion, and speaking to him will reward the player with 10 mushrooms. He will ask you to recover his belongings for him from a nearby cave filled with demihumans.

Note: if you complete the Coastal Cave in Limgrave before speaking to Boc the first time, you will need to return to the Cave to give him his items.

You can find Boc again just inside the Coastal Cave in Limgrave, having been just beaten up. This is where the demihumans who stole his belongings are located. Defeat them, rewarding you with Boc’s Sewing Needle. Return this to him to unlock free armor alterations.

As you progress, Boc will show up at various different locations, before finally settling. Some of these steps can be skipped, The locations, in order of appearance, are as follows:

  • After giving his belongings back, he will be at the Lake-Facing Cliffs in Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • After accessing Raya Lucaria, he will move to the East Raya Lucaria Gate, where Melina will remark on him.
  • After accessing the Altus Plateau, he will move to the Altus Highway Junction.
  • After progressing further within the Altus Plateau, he will move to the East Capital Ramparts, where he will remain until you give him the Gold Sewing Needle in Step 4.

Note: In order to complete this step, you will have to have to purchase a set of legendary boss armor from Finger Reader Enia in order to give the Gold Sewing Needle to Boc.

Acquire the Gold Sewing Needle from a chest in the Church of Vows in Liurnia (Where Miriel, Turtle Pope, is). Give this to Boc, who will be located at the Eastern Capital Rampants. After this, he will state his desire to be rebirthed by Renalla.

At this point, you have two options for how to proceed, depending on how you want to complete Boc’s quest, determining his ultimate fate.

The easier, more obvious option is to give him a Larval Tear. If you do so, then he will move next to Rennala, where he will be reborn into a human form, and will not respond when talked to. After resting again, he will be dead. Be careful what you wish for.

The happier ending comes by performing the “You’re Beautiful” Prattling Pale in front of Boc, and then exhausting his dialog. He will then remain at the Capital Ramparts, alive and happier. Be the best you can be.

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14 days ago

for fuck’s sake at least show us a god damn screenshot of where this bastard is, this guide is fucking useless

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