weapon 262


Game: Elden Ring

Jagged dagger with a distinctive curved blade. Used by the noble servants of the Lord of Blood. This dagger rips the flesh as it enters, inflicting blood loss with sickening efficacy. A proud testament to the success of its vicious design, this weapon is perpetually coated in blood.
Weapon Skill: Reduvia Blood Blade
Attack Type: • Slash • Pierce
Weight: 2.5
attack power icon eldenring Attack Power: Physical 79 Critical 110
attributes scaling icon eldenring Attribute Scaling: Strength E Dexterity D Arcane D
attributes required icon eldenring Attributes Required: Strength 5 Dexterity 13 Arcane 13
guarded damage negation icon eldenring Guarded Damage Negation: 38/22/22/22/22/16

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