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Recusant Finger

Game: Elden Ring

Attempts invasion of other player’s world
Multiplayer Items

Maximum Held: 1

Item for online play. (Can also be used from the Multiplayer menu.) Attempts an invasion of another player’s world. If successful, you will arrive as an invader (Recusant) with the objective of defeating the Host of Fingers of that world. This furled finger is covered in snake scales. An heirloom of the lord of the Volcano Manor, bequeathed to Tarnished who have become family.

Where to Find the Recusant Finger

You get it by speaking with Tanith at the start of the Volcano Manor legacy dungeon, and accepting to join the Volcano Manor. Doing so, she will give you a Drawing-Room Key which you can use to open the door to a room with several NPCs and the Recusant Finger on a table inside.

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