Unclaimed Space: A Peek at 3 of Starfield’s Worlds

Bethesda has been active on their Twitter/X account today leading up to the lifting of the review embargo and the beginning of Early Access for Starfield. One of their posts includes a video titled “Unclaimed Space: Star Systems at a Glance.” The short 36 second video takes us to three very different worlds in the Settled Systems:

  • Porrima III, which is home to an industrial-looking facility called the Red Mile
  • Cassiopeia I, where we see a Coralbug Scavenger, an apparently hostile alien creature
  • Groombridge VIII-A, a moon that features some interesting dinosaur-like creatures

These are all Planets and Moons that we’ve seen glimpses of in previous game footage. You can watch the full video in the tweet below. Check out our Launch Dates and Times article to see when Early Access becomes available in your time zone.

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