How to Reach Max Level in Destiny 2: Into the Light

Returning players to Destiny 2 should be happy to find that all the content the game has to offer is currently free for all players. But it can be underwhelming when you have to reach a certain level to fully enjoy all the dungeons, raids, nightfalls, etc. Luckily, Bungie gave players a way to completely sidestep the power level grind, so they can immediately start playing activities with their veteran buddies. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find a chest that instantly gives max level items.

To find the chest full of max level gear, click on the director and click on the “Into the Light” node. It’s just to the right of the Traveler with the pink triangle on it (image 1). After selecting it, you’ll see the Hall of Champions, which is on the left of your screen (image 2). When you fly there, you’ll have an intro quest to familiarize you with the social space.

After completing the introductory quest for Into the Light, you’ll be in the Hall of Champions, and Shaxx will be at the end on a raised platform. Right next to him is a chest that has golden contents (Image 3). Interact with the chest, and you’ll find that the gear inside is all at max level (image 4).

If you have better gear and guns from when you previously played Destiny 2, you can infuse the new gear into them and bring them up to the max level. A quick reminder on how to do that: inspect a weapon, and you’ll see the option towards the bottom — under weapon mods (Image 5). However, it might be worth hanging onto the LMG, Thunderlord, if you don’t have other good heavies; it is an amazing add-clear weapon, and actually does decent boss DPS.

destiny 2 max level guide infusing
Image 5

Hopefully this guide helped you quickly find the chest and get you into the fight. How have you been finding the new Onslaught activity? Do you feel brave enough to take on the Pantheon? Let us know in a comment!

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