All Versions of Starfield Are Now Available

After 5 days of early access, all versions of Starfield are now available, opening the gates to everyone who has purchased the game or who has access to it through Xbox Game Pass. Hopefully you have already preloaded the game, in which case you only need to unpack it to be able to play. If you didn’t preload, make sure you have enough space before you start downloading – it’s 116.3 GB.

Note that several Steam users who had trouble starting the game in early access were able to resolve their issues by restarting the Steam app. In some cases, they had to restart it more than once.

Xbox has posted on their Twitter/X account asking users to be patient as they roll out the game. You may receive an error message as they do so.

There is also a Microsoft Answers post covering some known issues, so that may be a good place to start if you run into trouble.

If you’re looking for information or help with the game, be sure to check out our many Starfield guides, starting with our Character Creation, Skills, and Builds guides!

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