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Game: Elden Ring
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: March 4, 2022

A new patch for Elden Ring has just been released, and while it’s a relatively minor one, the players that were affected by controller issues will surely be pleased. Prior to this, while a controller was properly connected to the PC it could still not be working in Elden Ring. Even though it may not sound like much of a problem considering mouse and keyboard worked fine, a good chunk of the playerbase prefers to use controllers.

While this issue is now fixed, some players are reporting that this patch broke their game in a few different ways. Some users are reporting that they lost their save and all of the progress that they made in the past few days, while others are reporting that the game is no longer starting altogether. The only thing included in the patch notes is that players with missing items should verify the integrity of their game files, which should be your first step if you’re experiencing similar issues.

Additionally, while some will be pleased by this fix for controllers on PC, this may not be the patch that the players were hoping for. Some users still experience crashes, stutter, and other issues that have been around since release, or have appeared as a result of the recent patches. It’s safe to assume that FromSoft is working on a major patch targeting the more important issues, and hopefully it’s not going to take much longer.

Elden Ring Patch Notes Version 1.02.3

  • Fixed a problem in which controllers connected to the PC were not recognized under certain circumstances.

If equipment or other items do not appear properly, please verify the game files.

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