Starfield’s Least Competent Leaker Booked for Theft

If you’re going to leak information about one of the biggest games of the year, steal copies of them from your company, and then sell them on an open online marketplace, it might be a good idea not to also associate all of that with your real face, name, and social media accounts. At least, that is the lesson that ought to be learned from Starfield leaker Tyrone’s police booking for theft (and possession of marijuana).

Tyrone has been leaking Starfield information for the last couple of days, having uploaded about 40 minutes of gameplay to his Snapchat story several days ago (complete with vertical orientation, music blasting, and a baby crying in the background, which is the ideal way to film Let’s Plays). He then posted a follow-up video where he explained his thoughts in an extremely cogent 1-minute review that you can see reuploaded on Reddit here, where he says he is “not a game expert”, but that “it’s a good game, y’all don’t wanna miss this, for real.” Which, honestly, would be enough to persuade me if I wasn’t already convinced. Maybe after Tyrone is done being booked he can help Todd out with marketting?

starfield leaker booked all day uploading gameplay
Screenshot from a snapchat advertising “Tyronethelivinglegend”. I wonder who it could be?

Being an entrepreneurial person, after leaking the footage and uploading a video with his name and face discussing the game, Tyrone also put several copies of various editions of Starfield up for sale on his Mercari account (Mercari being a resale website) under the storefront name “JiveTurkeyStore”, where he was charging $200 to $250 for unopened copies of Starfield, more than a week prior to launch (including one Xbox Series X/Starfield bundle “Reserved for Chris”, because he knows when to look out for his friends). Just for the record, “JiveTurkeyStore” does have a 5-star rating and several hundred reviews, so at least he respects his customers more than Bethesda.

Somehow, though, the police in Shelby County, Tennessee were able to figure out that he was behind this caper, and subsequently arrested him for theft, presumably of the several-thousand dollars worth of Starfield copies he stole. He was also charged for possession of marijuana. No comment there, I’m a Coloradan. As can be seen on Recently Booked, Tyrone has been officially booked on 3 charges: Possession of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana), Theft of Property $2500-$10000, and Theft of Property $1000 or less. Oh, how the mighty fall. Anyway…

Starfield, the game Tyrone leaked using his real information and then attempted to sell on the account tied to his name, is due to launch on September 6th, but will have a 5-day period of Early Access for people who purchase the Deluxe Editions of the game, meaning you can play as soon as September 1st (or August 31st, depending on your region, see here for information).

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