Starfield Community Patch 0.0.1 Now Available, Fixes Bugs, Typos

Despite Bethesda claiming they spent an entire year polishing Starfield, it’s still got more than its fair share of bugs and other issues. The game has received a handful of patches already, but Starfield is a massive game and there are still plenty of bugs Bethesda hasn’t squashed yet.

Enter the Starfield Community Patch. The very first version of the community patch went live today, and it features a fairly extensive list of bug fixes and tweaks (see below for complete changelog). This patch isn’t a standard mod — there is no new content. Instead, it is a “collective effort by mod authors and the wider player community of Starfield to fix bugs, errors and other inconsistencies present in the game”.

One significant change any wannabe ship collectors will surely appreciate in the community patch, companions no longer getting angry at the player for boarding a hostile ship and attacking the crew — finally, Sara will realize that sometimes the best defense is a good offense! Many of the changes are simple typo fixes or translation mistakes, or corrections to issues with things like perks or ship weapons.

The community stepping in and fixing up Starfield comes as a surprise to precisely no one — many players have even speculated that much of the emptiness of Starfield is due to Bethesda simply trusting in the avid Bethesda modding community to fill out the wide but shallow world present in the game on launch. There’s no doubt that as time goes on, the Starfield modding community will continue to expand upon and improve Starfield with more mods, fixes, and other improvements.

You can download the patch from Nexus Mods, or learn more about it (and contribute to the project) on the patch’s website. Even if you don’t know how to code, you can still participate by reporting bugs.

Read on to see the full list of changes for version 0.0.1!

Starfield Community Patch [2023-10-25] Version 0.0.1

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