Starfield Beta Update 1.8.87 Removes Space Debris From Your Ship

Bethesda has a new beta build available for its Starfield Steam players. Beta builds are updates that game developers will roll out in the future but allow some players to test first by opting in through Steam. This is only the second beta update for Starfield that they’ve released, and it is much smaller than the first (Starfield Beta Update 1.8.83).

The update isn’t exactly revolutionary; it keeps your spaceship free of space debris and doesn’t allow you to spawn random weapons at outposts by creating weapon crates. However, if the change that doesn’t sound like a feature is affecting your space travel, then it is probably worth opting in to the beta build.

There is one major caveat to fixing the problem, though. If the space debris happens to be…the entire city of New Atlantis, then this update will not help you – that fix will come later on. If the shoe is on the other foot, and you’ve been exploiting weapon crates at your outpost to farm for weapons, then you might want to make sure you’re opted out of the beta updates. For the exact wording of the beta update, see below:

Starfield Beta Update 1.8.87 Notes – December 1, 2023

A small update is now available for our PC players to opt into on Steam before the update goes live for all Xbox and PC players. This update addresses an issue where players could experience an asteroid “Adoring Fan” during space travel and an issue with Outposts.

If you would like to opt-in to the Starfield Beta update, please follow these instructions:

1.) Open your steam Library and navigate to Starfield
2.) Right click on “Starfield” and select “Properties”
3.) In the new properties pop-up window, select “Betas”
4.) In the beta drop down to opt into, select “[beta]”
5.) Wait for app to download new build and launch

For those participating and interested in providing us feedback, please visit ‘#steam-beta-feedback’ on our official Discord Server.

Thanks for playing!



  • Addressed an issue that would cause space matter to become stuck to player’s ship during space travel. Loading a save will now remove the space clingon. Please note: This fix should address any space matter being stuck in your travels, but not in instances where player ships have New Atlantis attached. A fix for that will be released in a later update.


  • Fixed an issue that prevents random guns from spawning in a newly created Weapon Case after loading a save.

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