Starfield End of the Year Update – Stats and Promises

New Year’s Approaches, and Bethesda wants to keep Starfield fans up to date with the plan going forward for the game into 2024. More important than any details, though, is that the team at Bethesda has used a post on their site and Discord to let fans know that they are planning on releasing an update to Starfield about every six weeks in 2024, amounting to a total of 8 updates over the course of the year.

The first of these, coming in February, promises to bring “major updates” to the game, and going forth Bethesda has even helpfully laid out a few of the things they plan to add as content updates over the next year:

  • City maps
  • New ways to travel
  • New ways to customize your ships
  • New gameplay options to further adjust difficulty
  • Official mod support with the launch of Creations
  • Our first story expansion, Shattered Space

All of these seem like genuine improvements in every sense of the word, making the universe(s) of Starfield that much easier to enjoy and get into.

In addition to the promised content updates in 2024, Bethesda also wanted to give fans some statistics to put some things into perspective about 2023, and so they released an infographic filled with interesting tidbits of just how much Starfield has been played.

image 1

While some of the statistics here are very amusing (like the fact that a 12-pack of canned food is the most popular dish in the galaxy), the really interesting stuff is the total player count when compared to “Starborn players” statistic. Not to spoil anything, but the amount of “Starborn players” is about equal to the amount of players who have finished the game, implying that only a bit over 10% of players actually make it to the end of the game at least once. But the “Crossing of The Unity” statistic implies that most characters who do will complete the game 3 to 4 times. Very fascinating, if you ask me.

Whatever the case, these stats, and Bethesda’s promise to continue updating Starfield and bringing new content and features to the game, show make Starfield fans excited to see what the future has in store! You can see the full article on Bethesda’s website here, perhaps in preparation for another expedition.

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