Brute Force

Game: Starfield

Weapon (Shotgun)

Damage: 68 Physical
Ammo: 15×25 CLL Shotgun Shell
Magazine Size: 7
Fire Rate: 20
Range: 20
Accuracy: 57.1%
Max Mods: 6
Mass: 4.40
Value: 15,146
Console Code: 001AC6E0
Unique Effect(s):

  • Bashing: Deals double damage when gun bashing.

Is awarded to the player for finishing the Run the Red Mile mission. The mission is located inside The Red Mile, on Porrima III, in the Porrima System.

  • Barrel: Long Barrel, Standard Barrel [x]
  • Laser: No Mod, Laser Sight [x], Recon Laser Sight
  • Optic: Iron Sights [x], Reflex Sight, Short Scope
  • Muzzle: No Mod, Choke, Compensator, Muzzle Brake [x], Suppressor
  • Grip and Stock: Standard Grip and Stock, Tactical Stock [x]
  • Magazine and Battery: EM-Charged Shot, Explosive Rounds, Flechette Rounds, Slug Shots, Standard Shells [x], Tactical Magazine, Tesla Pylons
  • Internal: No Mod, Hair Trigger, High Powered [x], High Velocity
  • Receiver: Fully Automatic [x], Semi-Automatic

[x] denotes the default configuration

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