Starfield Sends Four Content Creators to Space Camp to Prepare for Early Access Launch

In the lead-up to the Early Access launch of Starfield, Bethesda released a new video on their channel to promote the game. But this one isn’t another trailer: instead, Bethesda flew 4 content creators from TikTok and YouTube out to Huntsville, Alabama so that they could see some of what it would be like to be an astronaut at Space Camp, all in order to get in the right mindset for Starfield’s Early Access launch on August 31st/September 1st (depending on your time zone). The creators that got to embark on this epic adventure were Astro_Alexandra and Filspixel of TikTok fame, and LilyPIchu and Myth from YouTube.

The four creators got a chance to don spacesuits in order to complete three challenges: “bunny hopping” in simulated moon gravity using the 1/6 Gravity Chair, repairing the ISS after being tethered to the EVA Experience, and enduring high-G strain in the Multi-Axis Trainer. Not only do each of the activities look like a blast (I need to plan a getaway to Space Camp, apparently), but each activity was also given context by the resident experts of the Camp. And, of course, we are shown how each challenge applies to Starfield, with brief gameplay snippets between each.

Personally, we can only hope to be as prepared for Starfield’s launch as the team content-creator team seems to now be for a real launch (especially Filspixel, who was able to explain string theory while spinning in the Multi Axis Trainer). Starfield releases on September 6th, but the Early Access period for Premium Edition buyers begins in just two short days on August 31st/September 1st (check here to see when it launches for you).

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