starfield weapon drumbeat sq

Drum Beat

Game: Starfield

Weapon (Rifle)

Damage: 9 Physical
Ammo: 11mm Caseless
Magazine Size: 60
Fire Rate: 160
Range: 40
Accuracy: 65.6%
Max Mods: 7
Mass: 4.30
Value: 4,922
Console Code: 0018DE2C

Available Mods

  • Laser: No Mod [x], Laser Sight, Recon Laser Sight
  • Optic: Iron Sights [x], Medium Scope, Recon Scope, Reflex Sight, Short Scope
  • Muzzle: No Mod [x], Compensator, Muzzle Break, Suppressor
  • Grip and Stock: No Stock, Standard Grip and Stock [x]
  • Magazine and Battery: Armor-Piercing Rounds, Drum Magazine [x], Explosive Rounds, Medium Magazine, Small Magazine, Whitehot Rounds
  • Internal: No Mod [x], Hair Trigger, High Powered, High Velocity
  • Receiver: Burst Fire, Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic [x]

[x] denotes the default configuration

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