Power From Beyond – Starfield Mission

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the “Power From Beyond” mission in Starfield. This repeating mission is how you’ll gain all of your special powers, with the exception of the initial power you gain from Into the Unknown.

Based both on our own experiences, and reports online, it’s clear that there are a lot of problems with the Power From Beyond missions — both the initial one and the followups. Here is a list of the issues we’ve discovered or seen reported:

  • Vlad never finds the final temple (for the 25th power).
  • If you enter a system that has a planet with a temple you haven’t been sent to yet, it may add the quest to your log, but remove the quest marker.
    • Solution: you’ll have to check each planet in systems you’ve explored for the Scanner Anomaly Point of Interesting to find it.
  • Scanner Anomoly POI will sometimes simply not spawn.
    • Possible solution: avoid scanning planets until you’ve found the temple on them, or until you’ve acquired all the powers you want.

If you have encountered other bugs, or have found solutions to the above bugs, please let us know in the comments!

  • Quest Type: Constellation
  • Prerequisites: Into the Unknown
  • Unlocks: Power From Beyond (Various)
  • Location
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Station: The Eye
  • Rewards
    • Power
    • 150XP or 165XP (may scale slightly with level)

The proper way to begin the Power From Beyond missions is to talk to Vladimir, who is generally found on board the Eye — Constellation’s satellite that orbits Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.

However, if you end up in a system that has a temple, you will discover that your mission log contains a new Power From Beyond mission that includes a location in parentheses — this can even occur before you’ve completed the initial Power From Beyond mission.

power from beyond bug starfield

If this occurs, you don’t need to go talk to Vladimir; instead, you can simply use your mission log to set a course and land on the indicated planet, then begin the “Follow Distortions on the Scanner” step of the mission.

Otherwise, you’ll need to go speak with Vladimir on the eye. Use your mission log to select “Power From Beyond” and set a course for the space station. Upon arrival, approach it, target it, and press the indicated button to board it when you’re close enough. Head to the main control center of the station and speak with Vladimir, then select the first dialog option, “I was hoping you could point me to another Artifact Temple”.

Once Vladimir has given you a location, you can board your ship, then use your mission log to travel to the temple. Sometimes these locations will be too far to do in one jump, or will be in unexplored systems — in either case, you’ll need to make a series of jumps to reach your destination.

You generally won’t be able to fast travel directly to the surface, since these will be unexplored locations. Instead, you’ll fast travel into orbit of the target planet, and then you’ll need to use the star map or your mission log to set a landing target — in every case, the site of the temple will be labeled a “Scanner Anomaly”.

scanner anomaly power beyond starfield walkthrough

If you’re lucky, you’ll land in view of the temple. If you don’t, you’ll need to use the scanner distortions to find it.

scanner distortions power temple starfield gif
Look for distortions in the scanner’s circle to find the temple

Sometimes, you’ll be so far away from the temple that the distortion won’t be constant like it is in the example above. In these instances, you will need to simply head in the direction where the distortions occur most frequently — it’s also a good idea to try for high ground, so that you can better spot the temple.

Once you’ve figured out where the temple is, or at least the direction it’s in, start heading that way! To make this bit go faster, you can use the Personal Atmosphere power (once you’ve unlocked it) to give yourself unlimited Oxygen — you should be able to use it every time you run out of O2.

When you get close enough to the temple, you’ll complete the “Follow Distortions on the Scanner” objective. The temple’s entrance is usually at least somewhat facing your landing site, but not always, so use the white path arrows the scanner gives, plus the blue objective marker, to figure out which side of the structure the entrance is on.

Approach the entrance and it will begin opening — get right up in front of it, and when it’s done revealing the door, you’ll see a button prompt to enter the temple.

temple entrance starfield power from beyond

Inside the temple, you’ll be in zero-G. The jump and crouch keys let you float up and down, and you can otherwise use the normal movement inputs — your sprint button becomes a boost, which will be useful for this bit.

Bits of star-looking material will appear and clump up into a dense cluster, and you’ll need to move your character model into these clusters:

star clusters power from beyond starfield walkthrough

They don’t last forever, so make sure you’re hitting the sprint button to boost into them before they disappear. Once you’ve “collected” enough of the star clusters, the object in the center of the floor will start to spin, and turn into a circle. Float your way into the middle of the circle, and after a short cutscene, you’ll receive your new power!

You can return to Vladimir in the Eye and ask him about temples again to get coordinates to the next temple, up to a point. Eventually, he’ll say he’s still waiting on results — at this point, you’ll need to find more Artifacts, which you can do by progressing the main story.

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