Starfield Packs

No 1960s-inspired space game would be complete without jetpacks, and Starfield doesn’t disappoint in that area. One of the wearable equipment types in the game is Packs, also known as boost packs or jump packs.

They don’t function quite like jet packs do in the movies, however. Rather than sending you flying upon activation, boost packs augment your jump — much like a double jump, but with the ability to use it repeatedly until the pack’s energy runs out. They also offer defensive stats, like all the other wearable equipment.

Boost Pack Skills

There are two specific skills for Boost Packs:

  • Boost Pack TrainingThis skill is required to use boost packs, and improves pack fuel usage.
  • Boost Assault – This skill grants combat improvements to boost pack usage, such as the ability to hover in place while aiming.

How to Use Boost Packs

First, you’ll need to equip a boost pack, and make sure you have at least one rank in Boost Pack Training. Then, after jumping, or when airborne by other means, press the jump button to use your boostpack. By default, jump/boost is bound to Space bar / playstation triangle button/button xbox y v2.

For additional details, including info on how to equip Boost Packs, see our guide on How to use a Boost Pack

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