Meet Constellation: Starfield’s Major Characters & Their Voice Actors

In anticipation of Starfield’s impending launch, Bethesda have shared some info about a few of the game’s central characters across their social media channels. These six characters are members of the Constellation organization, the faction you’ll join as part of the game’s main quest. We know that four of these characters will be Companions who can follow the player as you explore, fight at your side, and even be romanced. These companions include Sarah Morgan, Barrett, and Sam Coe. We don’t know who the fourth companion is or what role the remaining two Constellation crew members will play.

Let’s take a look at the members of your Constellation crew.

Voiced by: Emily O’Brien (Love, Death, & Robots; Death Stranding)

Sarah Morgan is the current Chair of Constellation. She’s a scientist and leader, and personally responsible for recruiting at least one other member of the organization, Noel. She’s also one of the four main companions in the game and an option for romance.

starfield constellation sarah morgan

Voiced by: Barry Wiggins (Edtv; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Barrett is a senior member of Constellation, having joined 25 years before the start of the game. He’s an engineer and a scientist, and seems to be the first member of Constellation you encounter in the game. He’s also one of the main companions, but we don’t know if he’s romanceable.

starfield constellation barrett

Voiced by: Elias Toufexis (Star Trek: Discovery; The Expanse)

Sam Coe is a descendent of the founder of the Freestar Collective, one of the game’s two major political Factions. He’s a dad, a pilot, and a bit of a rebel from the sound of things. He’s also one of the main companions and an option for romance.

starfield constellation sam coe

Voiced by: Cissy Jones (Firewatch; Life is Strange)

Andreja is the newest member of Constellation, and she seems to be a bit of a mystery. She’s an astronomer and navigator with a covert background. She’s also our best guess for the fourth main companion, but we don’t know for sure.

starfield constellation andreja

Voiced by: Carlos Valdes (The Flash; Arrow)

Matteo seems to be interested in religion and history. Judging by his beliefs, he’s probably a member of the Sanctum Universal, one of Starfield’s three major religions. We haven’t seen much of him until now and we don’t know much else about him.

starfield constellation matteo khatri

Voiced by: Dana Gourrier (The Hateful Eight; Django Unchained)

Noel is a scientist who was recruited to Constellation by Sarah Morgan. She’s the organization’s youngest member. We don’t know much else about her yet.

starfield constellation noel

Voiced by: Bumper Robinson (Enemy Mine; Brother Bear)

Vladimir is a former pirate of the Crimson Fleet who made a fresh start with Constellation. Apparently he helped Sarah Morgan recover the Centaurus Proclamation, which seems to be a significant historical document of some kind.

starfield constellation vladimir sall

Voiced by: Armin Shimerman (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; The Hitcher)

Walter is a wealthy businessman, and though he doesn’t seem to be exactly in charge of Constellation, he does fund many of its exploits, including its deep space scanner, The Eye.

starfield constellation walter stroud

Voiced by: Jake Green (Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild)

Vasco is the first companion we ever met in the original gameplay reveal. Apparently he was named after famed explorer Vasco de Gama. Vasco is an early Lunar Robotics Model A robot who was found in an Akila City junkyard and refurbished by Constellation.

starfield constellation vasco

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