Starfield Armor

There are four types of equipment you can wear in Starfield: Helmets, Spacesuits, Packs, and Apparel. Each can provide defensive stats, with Suits offering the most protection, followed by Helmets, then Packs, and finally Apparel (which sometimes offers no protection at all). Below, we’ve collected all of the wearable items in our database for easy comparison — use the sorting options to see which items provide the most of a specific kind of defense, or which weigh the least, have the highest cost, and so on!

Name Resistance Mass Value

How to Equip Armor

Press computer key i t on the keyboard to go right to the Inventory; on controller, you’ll have to hit thebutton xbox pausebutton, then select the Inventory section of the menu (lower right of the screen) and press playstation x button / button xbox a v2. Then you’ll be able to select any of the four wearable equipment categories. Once in a category, select the equipment you want to wear and press icon mouse left click v2/ playstation x button / button xbox a v2 to equip it.