Starfield Apparel

In Starfield, looking good never felt so safe apparel options not only let you look stylish while waltzing through New Atlantis, they also offer the same spread of defensive stats as the other wearable equipment. They don’t provide as much protection as a helmet, pack, or suit, but when you’re being shot at by pirates, every little bit counts.

How to Equip Apparel

Keyboard and mouse users have it easy, as pressing computer key i t takes you right to the Inventory screen. Controller users will need to press the button xbox pausebutton, then move the cursor to the lower right of the screen and press playstation x button / button xbox a v2. Then, click the Apparel slot, and from there select the apparel you want to equip and press icon mouse left click v2/ playstation x button / button xbox a v2.

How to See Your Apparel

If you’ve got a spacesuit equipped, you won’t actually be able to see your apparel (though you’ll still get the benefits from it). However, it is possible to hide your spacesuit, thereby revealing your apparel. Go to the Spacesuits category of the Inventory screen, and then press computer key t t / button xbox rightbumper — if you’ve done it correctly, the bottom of the screen next to that button prompt should now say “Show spacesuit in settlements”, which is what we want it to say. Naturally, you’ll still be wearing your spacesuit when not in settlements — and you’ll get the stat bonuses from it the whole time.

hide spacesuit in settlements starfield
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