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The third Beat on the Brat mission isn’t too much of a step up in difficulty from the second fight; if you were able to handle the Arroyo fight using our strategy from the previous guide, this fight should be relatively easy. However, you’ll want to make sure that you’re leveled up to at least around level 25, and you’ll definitely want to have Epic rarity Gorilla Arms or better. A good way to tell whether or not you’re ready for the fight with Cesar is to open up your journal and check the danger level of the quest: if it reads “VERY HIGH”, you aren’t ready for him yet. Even on “HIGH” danger, it can be a tough match.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to grab the Epic Gorilla Arms, and we’ll give you an easy strategy to use to defeat Cesar in the Beat on the Brat: The Glen mission.

The Epic Gorilla Arms are at a ripperdoc in southeast Santo Domingo, down in the Rancho Coronado neighborhood. If you use the Rancho Coronado East fast travel point, the ripperdoc is up the hill towards the big concrete wall.

You need at least 25 Street Cred and 25,550 Eddies to purchase the Epic Gorilla Arms, so come with enough Cred and cash.

Epic Gorilla Arms
It’s too bad they don’t actually look like gorilla arms

As in the previous fights, anyone without a ton of stats in Body will find themselves on the ground and out of the fight after just one or two hits from your opponent. Because of this, here’s the easy way to beat Cesar:

  1. Create distance from Cesar (half of the arena should be enough), and then wait for him to charge at you with his blink-dash.
  2. Run past him to the left or the right, and then turn around while arcing further towards the side you ran past him on (this ensures his attack will miss you even if you didn’t get far enough away before turning around). It might take a few tries (and a few losses) to learn how far past him to run before turning around.
  3. As you turn around and strafe, charge up a strong attack. Once Cesar is obviously recovering from his missed attack, hit him with the strong attack.
  4. If your strong attack lands and he staggers, you’ll be able to hit him 2 more times. If he doesn’t stagger, immediately run away to avoid getting hit.

It seems that if you don’t hit Cesar with the strong attack while he’s recovering from his whiffed attacks, it won’t stagger him, so try to close the distance and hit him quickly with your strong attack once he’s missed his combination.

This strategy is very consistent, but it takes some patience (at level 23, it took 7 minutes to whittle down Cesar’s health to 0%). You’ll need to keep an eye on your stamina, and run away to make distance if it gets low. You’ll also have to run immediately if your strong attack lands too late and you don’t stagger Cesar with it. If you turn around after sprinting past Cesar and you find he’s too far away for you to close the gap and hit him, just back off and let him charge you again. Basically, when in doubt, run!

If you find the fight takes too long, and you can’t manage to finish off Cesar without making a mistake and getting downed, it’s OK to drop it for a while. Go do other missions, level up some more, and return once the Threat Level of Beat on the Brat: The Glen goes down to “MEDIUM” or lower.

You should now be ready to beat up Cesar and take his car! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, or if you found your own way to beat this mission.


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