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While all of the high-rank Skeleton Cyberware requires points in Body or Reflexes, any build should be able to equip the first, and often the second rarity rank of any of the available augments. There is something useful in this category for any build (health, stamina, and carrying capacity increases), with several solid bonuses for melee weapons.

(2 slots available)

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware Implants Guide Skeleton

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All of the bonuses come with a useful bonus depending on your combat style, and you can mix and match using your two available slots.

If you don’t have 8 points in Body or Reflexes, you still have access to all of the first-rank Skeleton Cyberware, and, with some, for their next following rank: Bionic Lungs (max stamina), Titanium Bones (carrying capacity), and Dense Marrow (melee damage but with extra stamina drain). Even a Crafty Netrunner could use some carrying capacity increases and some extra health.

If you have good points in Body, most of this category will be available to you, with the exception of Microrotors (melee attack speed) and Microvibration Generator (melee weapon damage without penalties). You can mix and match very high health, stamina, carrying capacity, and melee damage (with increased stamina drain) bonuses. If you use Body Attribute ranged weapons, the recoil kick might be something of interest to you as well.

If you are a Reflexes build with a melee focus (likely Blades), you can fill up both of your spots with the Microrotors (melee attack speed) and Microvibration Generator (melee weapon damage) for amazing bonuses for your blade weapons. Otherwise, look to the second paragraph in this category — there are still a few things you can grab here that will compliment your build.

Note: all items are listed with a range of minimum to maximum values.
Beware that there is a significant value variation due to rarity. Starting and highest rarity rank is likewise listed as a range in parenthesis. Most of the cyberware comes across all rarity ranks. We will not be listing intermediary values to keep things clean.

  • Microrotors (Common – Legendary): Melee weapon attack speed +5% – +25%. Reflexes requirement: 0 – 18.
  • Endoskeleton (Common – Legendary): Max health +20% – +60%. Body requirement: 0 – 20.
  • Bionic Lungs (Common – Legendary): Max stamina +20% – +60%. Body requirement: 0 – 18.
  • Titanium Bones (Common – Rare): Carrying capacity +20% – +60%. Body requirement: 0 – 13.
  • Microvibration Generator (Uncommon – Epic): Melee weapon damage +5% – +15%. Reflexes requirement: 0 – 16.
  • Bionic Joints (Rare – Epic): Recoil kick after shooting with ranged weapons -12% – -25%. Body requirement: 0 – 12.
  • Dense Marrow (Uncommon – Epic): Melee weapon damage +7% – +25% but stamina drain +10%. Body requirement: 0 – 13.

There are no mods available for Skeleton Cyberware.

You will find the majority of Skeleton Cyberware in Kraviz’s Clinic at Charter Hill, Westbrook. You can find Bionic Joints in the collection of the unnamed Ripperdoc in Wellsprings, Heywood.

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