Technical Ability Perks Guide – Cyberpunk 2077

If you like explosions, rocking lots of Cyberware, or maybe even a little of both, the Technical Ability (or just “Tech”) Perk Tree is perfect for you. These Perks help enhance the two things that arguably got the biggest revamp in Cyberpunk 2077’s patch 2.0 — Cyberware and consumable items (i.e., Health Items and Grenades). Additionally, Tech Perks can increase the effectiveness of Tech weapons, giving them a new charged attack.

Even if you don’t want to specialize in this Tree, these Perks here can help out with many other builds and playstyles, even just by letting you equip more Cyberware and boosting your grenade and inhaler recharge rate.

The Tech Tree’s vehicle Perk is Gearhead, which increases the health of your vehicle, and enhances your vehicle mounted weapons.

  • All Things Cyber (level 2) — The first Perk you can get for Cyberware is also one of the most universally effective. Not only does this reduce the cost to equip Integumentary System and Skeleton implants, but all Cyberware will give higher stats. You will get more mileage out of this the more implants you have installed.
    • To help boost this even further, you can invest in Renaissance Punk to allow you to install more Cyberware, and Driver Update will give all Cyberware pieces an additional stat modifier.

  • Pyromania (level 3) — This is a simple but very effective Perk that rewards you for using explosives. This gives you a stacking buff anytime you hit someone with an explosive (yourself included!), which increases your movement speed and increases the damage of explosions.
    • Since this Perk rewards (and even encourages) you to hurt yourself with explosions, it would be a good idea to pair this up with Friendlier Fire and Heat Shield to help mitigate your self-damage.

  • Glutton for War — Max Level: 1 — Requires: Tech (4)
    • 5% instant recharge of health items and grenades after neutralizing an enemy.

  • First Aid — Max Level: 1 — Requires Glutton for War
    • +15% recharge speed of Health Items when you’ve only used 1 charge.

  • Gearhead — Max Level: 1 — Requires: Tech (4)
    • +33% vehicle health
    • Vehicle-mounted weapons receive:
      • +25% damage
      • -0.7 sec. lock-on time
  • Health Freak — Max Level: 2 — Requires Tech (9), Glutton for War
    • Level 1: +8% recharge speed for Health Items and grenades.
    • Level 2: +1 health item charge, +150% recharge speed for health items outside combat.

  • Coming in Hot — Max Level: 1 — Requires Health Freak (2)
    • +50% recharge speed for grenades when you have none available.

  • Borrowed Time — Max Level: 1 — Requires Health Freak (2)
    • +100% instant recharge of a health item after neutralizing an enemy if you are below 25% health and have no charges remaining.

  • All Things Cyber — Max Level: 2 — Requires Tech (9)
    • Level 1: +10% to all cyberware stats modifiers.
    • Level 2: -20% Cyberware Capacity cost for cyberware in the Integumentary System and Skeleton.

  • Chipware Connoisseur — Max Level: 1 — Requires Driver Update
    • When upgrading cyberware, you can choose from two stat modifier options.
    • A third slot is available at Tier 3 and higher.

  • Pyromania — Max Level: 3 — Requires Tech (15), Health Freak (2)
    • Level 1: +8% recharge speed for for health items and grenades.
    • Level 2: +10% explosion radius for grenades and the Projectile Launch System.
    • Level 3: +5% movement speed and +10% explosion damage for 12 sec. After hitting an enemy with an explosion in combat. If you take damage from the explosion, the effect adds 2 stacks instead of 1. Effect and duration can stack 5 times.

  • Burn This City — Max Level: 1 — Requires Pyromania (3)
    • When you accumulate 5 stacks of Pyromania, they will be consumed to instantly replenish a grenade charge, but all bonuses from those stacks will remain active for 6 sec.

  • Friendlier Fire — Max Level: 1 — Requires Pyromania (3)
    • +50% resistance to damage and effects from explosions you cause.

  • Flash Sale — Max Level: 1 — Requires Pyromania (3)
    • For Flash, Smoke, and Recon grenades:
    • Double grenade charges
    • Double recharge rate

  • License to Chrome — Max Level: 3 — Requires Tech (15), All Things Cyber (2)
    • Level 1: +10% to all cyberware stat modifiers.
    • Level 2: +40 armor.
    • Level 3: unlocks a new cyberware slot for the skeleton. All skeleton cyberware have boosted stats.

  • Cyborg — Max Level: 1 — Requires License to Chrome (3)
    • 15% reduced Cooldown for all cyberware if all available slots are filled.

  • Doomlauncher — Max Level: 1 — Requires Friendlier Fire, Ambidextrous
    • Projectile Launch System cyberware receives:
    • +1 max charges,
    • +20% recharge speed,
    • +25% additional recharge speed when you have no charges available,
    • +200% additional recharge speed outside of combat.
    • +5% instant recharge after neutralizing an enemy.
    • It also receives the same bonus as grenades from Burn This City Perk.

  • Built Different — Max Level: 1 — Requires License to Chrome (3)
    • Unlocks Cellular Adapter cyberware for the Integumentary System. It can be purchased and installed at ripperdoc clinics. This Perk is required to use it properly.

  • Bolt — Max Level: 3 — [Only affects Tech weapons] — Requires Tech (15)
    • Level 1: +20% charge speed for tech weapons.
    • Level 2: +15% damage for charged shots with tech weapons.
    • Level 3: Unlocks Bolt shots. To fire a Bolt, release the trigger for a charged shot right before it fully charges: counts as a fully charged shot, +30% damage, -50% penalty for penetrating cover.
    • Full-auto Tech weapons fire Bolts in a short burst. To continue firing Bolts in full-auto, press and hold the trigger again after firing the initial burst.

  • Lightning Storm — Max Level: 1 — [Only affects Tech weapons] — Requires Bolt (3)
    • +10% charge speed after firing a Bolt. Stacks 3 times.
    • Swapping weapons or firing a non-Bolt shot resets the stack.

  • Internal Clock — Max Level: 1 — [Only affects Tech weapons] — Requires Bolt (3)
    • Increased time window to fire a Bolt.

  • In Charge — Max Level: 1 — [Only affects Tech weapons] — Requires Bolt (3)
    • Tech weapons no longer fire automatically when reaching full charge.

  • Shock Value — Max Level: 1 — [Only affects Tech weapons] — Requires Bolt (3)
    • Bolt shots ignore enemy Armor.

  • Ticking Time Bomb — Max Level: 1 — Requires Tech (20), Pyromania (3), License to Chrome (3)
    • Charges powerful EMP that hits nearby enemies after 3 sec. Whenever you activate Operating System cyberwar (Berker, Sandevistan) or Overlock. Applies Stun and deal damag proportionate to the quantity and tier of cyberware implants you have installed, -50% incoming damage while charging EMP.

  • Edgerunner — Max Level: 1 — Requires Tech (20), License to Chrome (3)
    • Allows you to exceed your cyberware capacity by up to 50 points, but at the cost of -0.5% max health per point over capacity.
    • When you neutralize an enemy during combat, there is a 0.1% chance for each point you are over capacity that you will break into a Fury.
    • In this state, you gain:
    • +10% damage,
    • +30% critical chance,
    • +50% critical damage.
    • Duration: 12 sec.

  • Chain Lightning — Max Level: 1 — [Only affects Tech weapons] — Requires Tech (20), Bolt (3)
    • Bolt now deals Electrical damage and releases an electric arc that can electrocute up to 3 nearby enemies.
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