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Cyberpunk 2077 succeeds in making side characters relatable and fleshed out. A prime example is the character of Detective River, an NCPD detective the player meets during the “I Fought the Law” quest. Following this quest, Detective River will ask for your aid in tracking down a serial killer in “The Hunt” quest. A common question during this questline is how to get Harris’s IP address — in this guide, we’ll show you how to get the IP address, as well as walk you through the quests that lead up to getting it.

Two Criteria for this quest to be available

  • Firstly, the player level must be at least Level 9. (See our Leveling Guide for easy and fast XP)
  • Secondly, the Main Job ” Life During Wartime” must have been completed. Skip time by one day after this Main Job is completed.

Being a precursor to “The Hunt” questline, you will receive a phone call from Elizabeth Peralez, Night City’s current candidate for Mayer. She informs you that the topic is top secret and asks to meet in person. After meeting up with Elizabeth and her husband, they inform you that the recent death of Mayer Lucius Rhyne was suspicious and should be investigated. By following the questline naturally, you will call and interact with Detective River and work some of the case with him. After completing the quest, wait one full day or skip time 24 hours and he will call you to start “The Hunt” questline.

cyberpunk 2077 meeting with elizebeth paralez how to get harris ip address cyberpunk 2077

River will call you to start the quest and ask to meet up. After finding out that his nephew has recently gone missing, he’ll ask for your help to explore a nearby lab. If your Technical Attribute is level 12 or above, you can open a door on the left side of the building. While inside, scan the cabinets in the waiting area with the Keroshi optics. As per usual, in these situations, the plan goes south. Yawen Packard finds you and River and immediately asks the two of you to leave. Follow the dialogue as it plays out; you and River will investigate his nephew’s trailer in the badlands. This is where you will find the computer with Harris’s IP address.

While traversing the camp, there are two steps to obtain the IP address:

Finding/Accessing Randy’s computer

  • Look inside the main bedroom underneath the bed. Use the scanning button to scan the Laptop.
  • How to scan objects on different platforms:
  • Xbox: button xbox leftbumper – ( Hold Left Bumper)
  • PlayStation: playstation l1 button ( Hold L1)
  • PC: computer key tab t ( Hold Tab)
  • River will place the Laptop onto the nearby desk.
    • If your Intelligence Attribute is level 9 or over, you can easily hack to access the computer.
  • If you cannot hack the computer, the password is: Liberum Arbitrium.
cyberpunk 2077 randys laptob under the bed how to get harriss ip address cyberpunk 2077

How to get the IP Address

  • While inside the computer files, you’ll learn more about Randy’s emails with Harris. You’ll need to have viewed all of the files on the computer to access the Dialogue option,
  • While sitting at the desk, exit the computer. Multiple Dialogue options will appear.
  • If the player has a Level 12 Intelligence Attribute, the Dialogue option will appear to respond to River’s question as “Definitely” (THIS will give you the IP address.)
    • Note that if you don’t have a Level 12 Intelligence Attribute, you cannot access the IP address.
cyberpunk 2077 getting harriss ip address how to get harriss ip address cyberpunk 2077

We hope that this guide was helpful! Feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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