How to Use the Hidden Dragon Perk – Cyberpunk 2077

Stealth in Cyberpunk 2077 is optional, but so is mercy from the player. For those trying to play a more stealthy role, the Hidden Dragon perk is perfect. It allows you to drop onto foes and instantly kill them, making your character a lethal assassin — at least anywhere enemies are willing to stand below a ledge. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get the perk, as well as how to use it; we’ll also explain how some Cyberware can make the perk even more effective.

The perk is located within the “Cool” attribute, under the Ninjutsu tab. The perk is available at the base level, so it can be acquired early in the game for one skill point. See our Character Perks Guide for an in-depth look into Cyberpunk 2077’s skill system.

Place yourself at an elevated position over an enemy. So long as they haven’t been alerted to your presence, you can jump on top of them — this will trigger a stealthy takedown animation. Be sure to not alert the enemy. If you become visible to the enemy while attempting to use this perk, they will be alerted and the perk will not work. It’s a challenge, but Hidden Dragon works perfectly with stealthy playstyles.

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This guy’s about to get Hidden Dragon’d

The Hidden Dragon perk offers great utility in harder missions, when going in guns blazing is ill-advised. The cost to obtain it is minimal, requiring only one skill point. Additionally, this perk fits all playstyles, though leaning towards stealth.

You can pick up the Reinforced Tendons Cyberware to perform easy double jump stealth attacks. This way, you don’t need a ledge to activate the perk — you can double jump into the air above the enemy, and as long as you aim at them, Hidden Dragon should activate.

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