How to Free Brick – Cyberpunk 2077

Maelstrom is a psychotic gang, more machine than man, they remain violent and unpredictable. This theme is extended through the current gang leader, Royce. Erratic and unpredictable, Royce has no intentions to honor Dexter Deshawn’s dealings with the previous leader, Brick. While the dialogue heavily implies that Brick is dead, there is a way to free Brick, gaining an extra ally in the second act of the game. In this guide, we will show you how to free the leader of the Borg-crazed madmen.

Fairly early in the game, Dextar Deshawn will send you on the duo of missions to set up The Heist. The Maelstrom gang’s new leader Royce stands in your way of getting the Flathead robot needed for The Heist. Before this interaction, the game offers you the chance to meet with Militech agent Meredith Stout. Much like when trying to get the Dildo Weapon, take the credit chip without asking any questions.

Unlike when attempting to access the Dildo Quest, you should progress through the dialogue without paying for the bot — the easiest method would be to select the Dialogue option “Fuck Brick, let’s cut a new deal”. Then when prompted, point your gun at Royce’s head and instead of paying with the Militech Cred, pull the trigger and blow his brains out. This will send you and Jackie into a combat scene.

Here’s how to find Brick:

  • In the first area of the shootout, clear all the enemies.
  • Inside the second area, you will find a set of yellow rooms. In one of them you will find a detonator. Choose the “Disarm” option.
  • There will be a computer in one of these rooms, open it.
  • One of the emails in this computer will have the code needed to open the door.
  • Be aware! Brick has a trip mine attached to his chest. Hack and disarm the mine in order to free brick.

If you free brick, he will join you in the “Second Conflict” questline. You lose nothing from killing Brick, but keeping him alive gives you a useful ally.

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Excellent POV