Prophet Garry Questline Walkthrough

Rambling about Werewolves and Reptilians, Prophet Garry is the conspiracy theorist everyone knows in real life. Most players overlook this raving madman early in the game. However, in the second act, his questline reveals some dark secrets about the REAL conspiracies in Night City. In this guide, we’ll show you how to progress in his questline.

Prophet Garry is found South of the Bradbury & Buran fast travel point, next to Misty’s Esoterica.

While players can find Garry at any time in the first act, his quest will only begin after the second act begins. Thus, his quest can only happen after the main story mission, “The Heist”. After talking to Takemura, complete the following steps to advance Prophet Garry’s quest:

  • From the Bradbury & Buran fast travel point, start heading towards Vik’s Ripperdock in the Little China area in Watson.
  • On your left, you’ll hear Prophet Garry rambling and raving about Arasaka. Listen to his speech.
  • Pick the dialogue option “Arasaka is working on Immortality Tech”
  • He will begin by telling you how Arasaka is the result of “Techno-Necromancers from Alpha Centauri”
  • Next, when he asks for a donation, be sure to select the $100 option.
  • Walk to the end of the street and wait for Garry to reset. Then walk back and listen to him talking about Werewolves.
  • Choose the dialogue option “Are they looking for a cure?”
  • Two Aldecaldos will get angry at him and attempt to start a fight.
  • Select the Dialogue option “He’s harmless”
  • After fighting the two Aldecaldos, he will thank you for helping him.
  • Choose the Dialogue option “There’s a grain of truth to what you say”

Garry will send you on a stakeout to see the truth for yourself. You have two options for this part of the mission:

  • Progress the mission and hide until the dialogue between the Corpo agents is done, then kill the Corpo agents and take the chip.
  • Intercept the Maelstrom gang members before they meet with the Corpos, kill them and take the chip. This option is a bit trickier, as they can get away, causing you to fail the quest.

When you return to present the chip to Garry, you’ll see he was kidnapped. In his place is one of his followers, who claims Arasaka agents took him to the “Mothership”. Continue the dialogue.

  • Select the “Mothership, Seriously?” dialogue option.
  • When she asks you for a donation in Garry’s memory, ask her about the Mystery Chip instead of giving money.
  • Show her the Chip.
  • After she is finished speaking, talk to Jonny and select the “Aliens rule the world” Dialogue option.
  • Next, say “I choose to believe in Aliens”.

Finally, you’ll have a conversation with Johnny, ending the quest.

That’s all there is to it! We hope this guide was helpful. Drop us a line in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.

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1 year ago

This glitch has been patched

Reply to  VonMelee
1 year ago

Thanks for the heads up VonMelee, we’ll update the guide.