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“Founded by veterans of the 4th Corporate War tired of the helplessness of the NCPD, 6th Street was meant to serve and protect the community of Vista del Rey. Today their interpretation of the law and “bringing justice to the city” is questionable and self-serving.” (CD Projekt Red official forum post).

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Once protectors of post-war refugee communities, the 6th Street of today isn’t much different from other gangs and their criminal practices. Still, their position as an ersatz community patrol scores them a slightly special treatment from NCPD forces and corporates.

Cyberpunk 2077 Who Are The 6th Street Gang

(The guide to all gangs of Night City.)

Today the 6th Street are known for their self-serving and impulsive personality, picking fights with Valentinos, and “[vomiting] lofty patriotic bullshit all day.”

This hasn’t always been the case.

6th Street were an essential part of Night City’s survival as a community against the damage done by the Fourth Corporate War. Survivors without home flocked to the areas designated for the refugees, but so did gangs. Without NCPD to step in, things really got ugly and crime rates got very extreme. Veterans of the Fourth Corporate War couldn’t stand to watch this continue to happen in their local communities. So, fifty years ago a few particularly motivated and charismatic leaders gathered some equipment, refreshed their combat training, and came together to form the 6th Street. The organization’s primary mission was to keep thugs and troublemakers at bay, and to inspire people to protect themselves and seek retribution for the damages they have endured from gang crime.

Cyberpunk 2077 6th Street Gang American Patriots

Today the neighborhoods under the gang’s protection have to pay “protection money” to stay in favor with the gang that has since reinvented the meaning of bringing “justice” to Night City. Particularly questionable is their self-centered interpretation of the law that allows the gang to engage in shady, manipulative, and clearly criminal activities.

Now the 6th Street gang is mostly made up of veterans of more recent conflicts, retired military, or corporate security people who got discharged and could not get re-hired. The rest are civilians, trained in military tactics and combat once they joined the gang. Yet, they kept their old-fashioned American patriotic theme, proudly wearing military uniforms complete with military boots, cargo pants, tactical vests, and kneepads. You will see them wearing baseball caps with vintage US flags or otherwise displaying patterns of stars, stripes, and eagles.

Cyberpunk 2077 6th Street Gang Lore

The 6th Street main activities, meanwhile, began to include robbery, extortion, gun and car smuggling. Their car smuggling operations rely on many talented techies under the gang’s wing that run several garages and workshops around Night City. One of the services offered by the gang is a “combat taxi for hire,” with edgerunners and mercenaries as gang’s recurring customers.

Despite all of the trouble caused by the gang and their criminal activities, both corporates and police officers leave them alone. Corporations see the 6th Street gang as a profitable buyer for their high-end military weaponry and items while NCPD lets the gang monitor the neighborhoods and thus do some of their job for them. The gang’s main headquarters are in Arroyo, but they have local bases of operation to patrol each district sector they control. Of course, the fragile peace with the police is frequently broken when 6th Street members start causing issues outside the boundaries of gang’s owned territories.

Cyberpunk 2077 6th Street Gang Abuse Of Power

We will post more information in this section as it becomes available.

Cyberpunk 2077 6th Street Gang Founded To Protect

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