How to Get Past “Somewhat Damaged” Cerberus Robot – Cyberpunk 2077

During the mission, Somewhat Damaged, you will come face to face with a killer Cerberus Robot that you cannot defeat through normal combat. This robot chases you throughout most of the mission, and players will be forced to stealthily avoid the machine, or be gruesomely killed by it. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you survive these treacherous encounters.

If you are just looking for some tips without going into the specific details of each encounter, then check out our list below:

  • Save Often – There are some points where you will be evading the robot for long periods of time. After each successful evasion, save the game, so you won’t have to replay too much if you’re caught and killed.
  • Follow Directions – It is easy to panic when a killing machine is lumbering towards you; don’t forget your mission steps. On the right of the screen, you will see your current objective. Do what it says to mitigate chances of death.
  • Don’t Take Chances – If you’re around the robot, just play it safe. Try not to run past it to get to a better spot, just sit tight and keep out of its view.
  • Patience – If you’re stuck on a part where the robot keeps killing you when you’re trying to Force Strength open a door, then just wait for the robot to leave before attempting to open the door. Most of the time, it will leave through the door and go into the ceiling, allowing you to leave.
  • Pump Up the Jam – If you can bear the spooky ambiance, it makes it easier to turn the volume up on the game. Usually, you will hear the robot coming before you see the screen glitches signifying its close proximity.
  • Switch your Perks Around – If you have your Cool and Reflexes attribute leveled up, then consider moving some perks around to increase your mobility. Ninjitsu, Feline Footwork, and Dash can help avoid the robot considerably.

We have an in-depth walkthrough of the entire mission of Somewhat Damaged. However, some rooms are more difficult when dealing with the robot; let’s look at those trouble areas and how best to approach them.

You’ll come to this computer after first encountering the robot and running from it when disconnecting Dataterminal Bravo. Sometimes the robot will follow you into this room. If that happens, do not try to go out the door, just avoid it in the room and wait for it to leave.

cyberpunk robot tips avoid at termianl sierra

This is another room where players will be tempted to sneak past the robot and exit the room. The problem is that you will have to strength force open the door, and the robot will always kill you. Again, after scanning and unplugging the cables, avoid the robot and wait for it to exit the room.

cyberpunk robot tips neural network
Let the Robot leave first

This is likely one of the most difficult rooms because the robot is actively searching for the player and can approach at random times. When you enter the Datafort Room and use / scan the terminal, the robot will drop from the ceiling either on top of you, down the hall, or at the door entering the room.

If you’re fast, you should be able to shoot all the panels in the computer room, then run down the hall to get behind the pillar and shoot the two panels there before it spots you. Then you will just have to keep the pillar between you and it while it looks for you – it will come and look behind the pillar.

cyberpunk robot tips datafort termianl room
The Datafort Terminal Room

If your character is slow, then you might have to go behind the pillar first, wait for the robot to leave, then double back to the room with the terminal to shoot the remaining panels. Beware, though, the robot comes back to the room if you’re still there after about 20 seconds.

cyberpunk robot tips datafort pillar
Learn to play ring around the rosie with this pillar or die”¦

This room could be hard if you don’t know the one easy trick. Just go to the little cubby in the corner of the room and the robot will never find you. As soon as you see or hear it coming, immediately go to the cubby until it leaves.

cyberpunk robot tips thermic control room v2
The cubby is sanctuary

After disconnecting those above terminals, you will be tasked with going back to Core Control. When you go through the big room with the hologram in the middle, everything will go red and the robot will look for you. Then the mission step will read “Do not let the robot detect you”. That means you shuffle around the room and keep tables and pillars between you and it. If you try to leave through any of the doors, you will die. After a while you can leave, then your troubles are over”¦or are they?

cyberpunk robot tips return to core

Did you have any issues with the robot at any other parts? How many times did the robot impale you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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