Cyberpunk 2077 Apartments Guide

During Act 1, you will acquire your first apartment in Megabuilding H10. This place acts as your home base in Cyberpunk 2077. On the game’s initial release there wasn’t much you were able to do in here, and the only other apartment you could get was a Luxury Penthouse only accessible during the ‘Path of Glory’ epilogue. Patch 1.5 fixes this, not only adding four new apartment options, but also allowing the initial H10 unit to be customized.

Below we will go over the functions of these apartments, how to customize your initial apartment, and how to unlock four new ones.

Your apartment works like a central hub, and there are a few things you can do in there. The stash inside is your storage, where you can put most of your items. You can sleep in the bed to skip 6 hours. There is also a bathroom, set with a mirror, shower, and a toilet — the mirror can be used to change your appearance.

You will also find a computer, television, radio, and vending machine within your unit.

  • The computer can be used to check V’s email and browse the Net.
  • The television allows you to watch various programs.
  • The radio lets you listen to either the news or music.
  • The vending machine functions the same as the ones found throughout Night City.

There are two pets you can have in your apartment: a cat named Nibbles, and an Iguana you can hatch from an egg. Finally, you will gain memorabilia decorations after completing certain jobs. Note that the pets and memorabilia are only available in V’s initial apartment.

If you want to get a new apartment, the first thing you’ll have to do is complete the ‘Playing for Time’ quest. Once that’s done, you can get a new apartment in one of two ways — you can either go to the new apartment you want in-person to rent it, or you can rent one through the computer at your first apartment.

  • If using a computer, you can find the apartments in the EZEstates site.
    • From here, you will see a list of the four apartments you can rent:
cyberpunk 2077 apartment listing

Something to note: even though it says these apartments are for rent, you will only need to pay a one-time fee to own the new apartment.

Below is a list of all the apartments you can unlock in the game. This will include the location, cost, and unique interactable objects in each one. All apartments have the same basic items as your initial unit.

  • Location: Northside, Watson
  • Cost: €$5000
  • Interactable Objects: None

It is possible to get this apartment for free. If you have an Intelligence of 5, you can jack into and hack the keypad to the right of the apartment door and grant yourself ownership.

cyberpunk 2077 northside apartment
  • Location: Japantown, Westbrook
  • Cost: €$15,000
  • Interactable Objects: Record player, guitar, incense
cyberpunk 2077 japantown apartment
  • Location: The Glen, Heywood
  • Cost: €$40,000
  • Interactable Objects: Record player, pool table
cyberpunk 2077 glen apartment
  • Location: Corpo Plaza, City Center
  • Cost: €$55,000
  • Interactable Objects: Record player, tea set
cyberpunk 2077 corpo plaza apartment

On top of being able to buy new apartments, you can customize your starter one (Megabuilding H10). From the EZEstates site, you can go to the ‘Makeovers’ tab to choose from one of six renovations.
Every remodel will cost €$10,000. Below is a list of the apartment themes you can choose from:

  • Coronado Twilight
  • Lunar Tranquility
  • California Max
  • Neon Sands
  • Flamingo City
  • Sowbread Tiger
cyberpunk 2077 apartment makeover

There are a few apartments you can gain access to if you romance a certain character. While you won’t own these apartments, you will have full access to them and will be able to use all the basic functions of your initial apartment.

  • Judy’s Apartment – Located in Kabuki, Watson. Gained from romancing Judy Alvarez.
  • Mobile/Nomad Camp Tent – Located in Rocky Ridge, Badlands. Gained from romancing Panam Palmer.
  • Kutcher’s Home – Located in Red Peaks, Badlands. Gained from romancing Joss Kutcher.
  • Villa Eurodyne – Located in North Oak, Westbrook. Gained from romancing Kerry Eurodyne.

No matter which apartment you choose to stay in, there are a few buffs that you can give yourself by using certain items:

  • Refreshed (granted from showering) — increases your health regeneration by up to 60%. Lasts one hour.
  • Rested (granted from sleeping in bed) — increases Skill EXP gain by 20%. Lasts one hour.
  • Energized (granted from drinking coffee) — increases Max Stamina by 25%, and Stamina regeneration by 30%. Lasts one hour.
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