How to Get the Errata Katana – Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk’s new update 2.0 is here and with it players have been finding new weapons. One of which is the Errata Katana, a powerful iconic katana that has some devastating traits involving burning and providing critical hits on your enemies. Acquiring it is straightforward, but you will need to have max stats (20 points) in Tech.

cyberpunk new 2.0 katana errata stats in inventory

Where to Find the New Katana

Go to a fast-travel point and head over to ‘Longshore South‘; it is under one of the main thoroughfares that runs along Night City’s eastern edge (1). Once there, you’ll to need to walk a couple blocks to the Electric Corporation Building (2). Once outside, you can enter the building easily, but it is a hostile area, so look out for cameras and enemies (3).

After you enter the building, you will need to work your way down to the lowest level. The easiest way to find the stairs on each level is to look at your mini map in the top right of the screen (1). However, you can also keep an eye out for signs that say ‘Sector”¦’ (2) – the sword is on Sector 2.

When you reach Sector 2, you will come to a locked door that has ‘Keep Donors Sedated’ written above it (1). This door requires a Tech level of 20 in order to open it. When you are able to open it, go into the room that has a bunch of bodies surrounding a forge. Inside the forge is the Errata Katana (2).

Now that you have one of the most powerful swords in the game, you can become the best samurai merc in Night City. Did this sword complete your build? What skill trees did you use with it? Let us know in the comments!

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