Somewhat Damaged – Cyberpunk 2077 Mission

Just like the main game, Phantom Liberty has multiple endings depending on choices you make throughout the story. If you decide to side with Reed towards the end of the expansion, you will find yourself sneaking around an underground bunker. It is probably one of the more difficult parts of the game, since you can’t fight your way through. Instead, you have to rely on stealth and your ability to navigate mazes.

  • Quest Type: Main Story
  • Prior Mission: Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
  • Rewards
    • Erebus Power SMG
    • Blackwall Quickhack (Militech Canto MK.6)

Note that to get one of the mission rewards (Erebus Power SMG or Militech Canto MK.6), you will need to call Mr. Hands first to get help with a netrunner during the mission Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos. You will then need to accept Yoko’s proposal during the mission.

Then, you will need a couple of items from this mission (Somewhat Damaged) — look for Erebus Blueprints and Blackwall Blueprints sections in this guide. You will also need to loot the Behavioral System Component from the robot at the end of the mission.

After that, rest at an apartment for a day and you will be contacted by an unknown sender. Follow the steps, and you will be able to craft one of the rewards, but not both.

If you need help choosing between the two rewards, we have a dedicated guide for How to Get Erebus and Militech Canto MK.6 where we cover their differences.

When you follow the truck at the end of the quest, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, you’ll be led to a hole in a wall leading underground (1). Follow it down, and you’ll be met with a gate that needs level 20 in Strength to open. If you turn around, you will see a gate on the floor (2). Open it, and jump in to swim around the blockade.

Next, you’ll walk onto a catwalk and chat with Johnny, then jump down into the abyss (1). Keep going through this linear area, chatting with NPCs until you find an elevator that heads deeper into the bunker (2).

Follow the traces of red digital goo until you come to a locked door (1), then turn around and go through the door to enter the heart of the bunker (2).

When you drop into the maintenance closet, you will come out to a flashback playing in the next room. Listen to the flashback, then exit and leave through the malfunctioning door to your right (1). Now you will be in at an intersection of tunnels with locked rooms all around. Go left at the intersection and head towards the open door with a figure in it (2).

The door will slam in your face, then the computer terminal next to the door will activate. Use the terminal and discover that you will have to find data terminals to proceed (1). Turn around and take your first right to a lit-up shudder that you can open (2).

When you try to hack the dataterminal Alpha, it will lock you out. You will then be told to just use your personal link on the same terminal – i.e. V will plug himself into it (1). Turn around, drop into the path and follow it to dataterminal Bravo. You’ll be shocked for trying to use your personal link on the terminal. You will have to scan the terminal’s structure (2).

Climb under the terminal and disconnect it, then you will be attacked by the boss of the area, the Cerberus Robot (1). You will then have to hide from the robot; run around the corner and into the room on your left. In the corner will be a hole where you can drop into the tunnels below (2).

From this point on, you will have to hide from the robot whenever you see it. If it catches you, you will automatically die. It’s also a good idea to save often, the auto saves aren’t too bad, but replaying the stealth parts take time.

(We have more tips for you on how to hide and avoid dying from the robot in our How to Get Past Cerberus Robot guide.)

Now you have to find the dataterminals Sierra and Victor. Go through the tunnel, and up the ladder to the living quarters. You can grab the map of the area on the bed (1), but it doesn’t help much because it doesn’t show where you are. Go into the clinic and watch the flashback, then leave the room. Go right, then take an immediate right to go towards engineering (2).

Take your first right, and this will be the room with Sierra (1). Hack the computer, then immediately crouch and sneak over to the dark corner of the room. The robot will come into the room and look for you. Don’t try to sneak past it to exit the room; wait for it to exit the room first (2). This is what you will do almost every time the robot is in a room with you.

At this point, instead of leaving engineering and looking for terminal Victor, you want to stay in engineering and get the Erebus iconic weapon blueprints. Take a right out of the room and select the panel by the maintenance doors (1). You will have to be level 20 in Tech Skill, but V will say he can fix it if he reroutes power. Now go to the left, and you’ll find a fuse box in the storage closet (2).

Head back to the panel, turn it on, and open the door. The blueprints will be right in front of you on a table. There isn’t much else to do in this room except look at robots. Don’t venture up the ladder, you’ll be killed by the robot.

cyberpunk somewhat damaged walkthrough erebus blueprints

The last dataterminal, Victor, can be found by leaving Engineering and taking a right when you’re back at the main intersection. You’ll then take your second left (1); look for signs that say ‘Security’ Room’. No surprises here, just hack the computer (2), then leave the security room, take a left at the main intersection and open the main door with the computer (3).

Now try not to freak out, but after opening the door, you will be chased by the robot. Run across the bridge and past it, until you get to the end, and you’ll see an airlock on your left. Open it by using the panel next to the door, then get inside and close it behind you.

cyberpunk somewhat damaged walkthrough airlock terminal

Cycle the airlock, then go to the next room where a flashback will play. Cycle another airlock, then head into Core Control (1) where you will find that several of the core subsystems need to be shutdown – datafort command, neural network control, and thermic control (2).

Leave the core control room, watch the flashback, and go to the right towards the labs. Take your first left and you will find the neural network room. After finding out the terminal won’t work, scan the tube above the terminal, then scan the pipes in the floor (1). Go to each of the three pipes and fix them in the room, then the robot will enter the room. Just like last time, sneak around the room and avoid him (keeping partitions between you and it). If you try to open the doors to leave, you will die. Wait for it to leave (2), then exit the room.

From now on, the robot will actively patrol the halls in this area, so be careful and have hiding spots ready. When you go and explore the room across the hall from the Neural Network, the robot will come into that room. Just hide in the closet, behind the shelves, and wait for it to leave.

cyberpunk somewhat damaged walkthrough hiding behind shelves

When you return to the hallway, the robot will be walking around. Wait for it to go down the hall, then go to the door that has ‘Experimental Prototyping’ above it (1). Use the panel to put in the code 714212; inside on the table is the Militech Canto MK.6 Blueprint (2).

Be careful because the robot is still actively searching in the hallways. Take a left out of the prototypes room, go through the door, and you will see another door that is labeled ‘Datafort Central Command’.

cyberpunk somewhat damaged walkthrough datafort central command

Being quick here is key, because the robot will come and look for you. Go in and use the terminal, then scan it (1). It will show you all the different digital panels that you need to shoot and destroy. There are four in the room with the terminal, and two in the previous room by a pillar (2). Wait for the robot to come and look for you while you hide behind the pillar, then leave after it passes.

Outside that room, you will see a larger room with a hologram in the middle of it. Cross that room and enter the door with a sign ‘Thermic Control Room’.

cyberpunk somewhat damaged walkthrough thermic control room

When you enter the room, there will be a terminal on the far fall. Jack into it, and you will once again get zapped. It might be different for you, but once we were zapped, we had to hide in the little alcove in the room because the robot came looking for us (1). After the robot leaves, scan the cables above the terminal (2). They will lead to a shuddered window; open the shuttered window and jump through it. You will be on a catwalk which leads you to a fuse box (3) that deactivates the thermic controls.

Watch the flashback, then head back into the larger room with the hologram. Right away, start sneaking because the robot will come and look for you in this room. Don’t try to run from it, just hide and avoid it for a while.

cyberpunk somewhat damaged walkthrough avoiding robot

After it leaves, your mission reading will say ‘Return to the Core Control Room’. Go back to that first room and activate the computer. You will be saved from the robot, then enter into cyberspace for several flashbacks. After you return from the flashbacks, make sure that you grab the Behavioral System Component from the dead robot.

cyberpunk somewhat damaged walkthrough behavioral component

Finally, you can head down to the core and finish the mission. We tried to be as spoiler-free as possible in this guide, but if you want to know the consequences of your choices (and get more content!) you can read our guide on How to Unlock Phantom Liberty Ending.

Hopefully you didn’t get killed as many times as we did by that pesky robot. Let us know in the comments if you found any other secrets in the mission!

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This mission is nova ass. Designers should take a round in the Mr Stud!👹