How to Use Photo Mode – Cyberpunk 2077

A unique mechanic, Photo Mode allows players in Cyberpunk2077 to experiment with different angels, apertures, and lighting, letting players get that perfect screenshot of their character. In this short tutorial, we’ll go over the Photo Mode’s controls, as well as some techniques to get the perfect photo in Night City.

Here’s how to get into Photo Mode:

  • For XBox and PlayStation, press down on the two analogue joysticks, numbered L3 and R3.
  • For PC, press the N key

The different options in Photo Mode are:

  • Depth of Field – How much of the image is in focus.
  • Perspective – First person or Third person
  • Effects
    • Exposure – The amount of light you want in the desired shot.
    • Contrast – The ratio of the tones in the photo.
    • Highlights – How bright or “Loud” you want the photo to be.
    • Vignette – The sharpness of the shadows. Or how visible you want the shadows to be inside the photo.
    • Chromatic Aberration – adds chromatic aberration (which appears blurry and can add colors to the edges of objects)
    • Grain – Adds film grain, making an image look older.

We hope this guide on Cyberpunk 2077’s Photo Mode was helpful. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions, or even if you just want to share a cool screenshot you took in Photo Mode!

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