Nervous System: Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware

A lot of the Nervous System implants focus on time dilation triggers, similar to the Sandevistan Operating Systems.

(3 slots available)

cyberpunk 2077 nervous system cyberware

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With three slots sitting around empty, you are right to be trying to take full advantage of the category even if you do not have a high Reflexes or Cool Attribute.

At the bare minimum, any build should be able to use Kerenzikov (time dilation is a useful skill in battle, and Kerenzikov has its advantages), Synaptic Accelerator (an okay addition to the time dilation collection, and great for people that might need a little help sneaking around), Neofiber (straightforward Mitigation boosts), and a Reflex Tuner (has a cooldown, but comes with a solid time dilation effect to allow you to quickly heal yourself and take a hiding spot). For any build, something like a combination of Kerenzikov and Reflex Tuner can provide a useful defense tactic in any close-range encounters.

Of course, builds with a high Reflex Attribute have the first dibs — Kerenzikov and others only provide higher and higher bonuses as the Tier goes up, and with points in Reflexes augments that allow for airborne dodge and increased duration of Kerenzikov (as well as letting it suspend you in the air) are available.

  • Kerenzikov: Allows you to aim and perform ranged attacks while sliding, dodging or Dashing. Slows time for 3 sec. when you aim a ranged attack during a slide, dodge or Dash.
  • Synaptic Accelerator: Slows time for 3 sec. when enemy detection reaches 50%.
  • Reflex Tuner: Time dilation effect when your health drops below 25%.
  • Neofiber: Increased Mitigation Chance and Mitigation Strength.
  • Stabber: Increased Crit Chance with Blades and throwable weapons.
  • Visual Cortex Support: Crit Chance increases the farther you are from the enemy.
  • Tyrosine Injector: Successful Takedown grant increased headshot damage and movement speed for 15 sec.
  • Adrenaline Converter: Increased movement speed when entering combat.
  • Atomic Sensors: Increases movement speed proportional to the enemy’s detection of you outside of combat. The effect ends when you enter combat.
  • Revulsor (Tier 5 / Iconic): Slows time by 60% for 4.5 sec. when your Health drops below 25%. Your movement is not slowed. 40 sec. Cooldown.
  • Adreno-Trigger (Tier 5 / Iconic): +30% movement speed for 55 sec. when entering combat.
  • Deep-Field Visual Interface (Tier 5 / Iconic): Crit Chance increases the farther you are from the enemy (max. +92% at 95 m).

As of patch 2.0, there are no mods for any Cyberware.

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